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Google Glass 2.0 is officially in production

In the latest update since Google stopped selling its smart glasses early this year, it has been confirmed that the tech giant’s Google Glass 2 is now in its production stage.

Luxottica CEO of Product & Operations Massimo Vian has confirmed the on-going production of Glass’ version 2.

The eyewear-maker’s announcement comes from an April 2014 reveal on its closed deal with Google to produce RayBan-branded Google Glasses. Luxottica is behind sunglass giant RayBan and Oakley, among others.

New features expected to be present in the next-generation Google Glass includes sleep mode - which is anticipated to provide extended battery life to the wearable device - improved sound quality and a better display. The Google Glass 2.0 is also expected to have a lower price tag.

Google Glass is also expected to be powered by Intel, following Luxottica’s deal with the chip-maker that is reportedly aimed at making fashionable smart glasses.

Luxottica’s Vian said that the version 2 is “in preparation” for Google’s version 3. However, the company gave no hint on the time frame for the possible release of the next-version Glass.

Coincidentaly, a Google filing at the FCC has also revealed a “smart Bluetooth Low Energy device,” which seemed to be intended for a Glass-like accessory.