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How it’s possible to accidentally order an Xbox One via the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch launched at the end of last week, but those who have managed to get hold of one of Cupertino’s smartwatches should certainly be wary when they’re browsing about the Amazon app. Because all it takes is a slight slip of the finger and you’ve ordered yourself a £300 or so console…

In a demo session with the Apple Watch, C-Net was trying out the major apps on the device, one of which was Amazon (incidentally, the video, which you can see above, is awkwardly filmed in portrait due to the fact it’s for a Periscope stream).

C-Net’s Scott Stein uses the speech recognition capabilities of the smartwatch to search for the Xbox One (following a failed search for diapers! – PS4 fans, insert your own gag here), which the device successfully brings up. He then scrolls down and sees the ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ icon, noting that he has to be “very, very careful” not to touch that – before pointing at it, and then accidentally jabbing the screen.

And thus he has bought himself an Xbox. He then asks: “Wait – how do I cancel that?” And he can’t actually figure that out via the Apple Watch, so he goes off to find a computer in order to swiftly cancel the console order before it enters processing.

The moral of the story is: don’t use the touchscreen for tasks such as this, rather, use the Digital Crown to navigate potential “touch minefields” instead.