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Samsung produces highly entertaining Galaxy S6 unboxing clip [Video]

Samsung recently produced an unboxing video for its new Galaxy S6 flagship, and the clip (spotted by The Verge) has been almost as well received as the handset itself.

Mainly because, even though the video starts out as a normal unboxing – involving, well, taking the Galaxy S6 out of the box, turning it around in their hands, having a close look at the finish – it soon changes when the “unboxer” receives a message which states: “They’re coming.”

A mysterious man then bursts into his flat, who he kicks a chair at to impede, and then our intrepid Samsung unboxer is running out onto the fire escape, and finds himself involved in fist fights and throwing assailants through plate glass windows.

It’s certainly very different indeed, and an entertaining little clip – check it out yourself above. And it still manages to get usage of the phone into the mix, showing what the Galaxy S6 can do in-between scuffles and punches.

Some YouTube commenters, however, have complained that they bought a Galaxy S6 on the strength of this clip, got home, unboxed it, and were severely disappointed not to have suited thugs break into their home and pursue them. There’s no pleasing everyone…

You might also want to check out our more serious recently posted first impressions of the S6, which were favourable, like most folks have been. It seems Samsung’s onto a winner from a hardware, software and advertising point of view.