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How to set up an Android Wear smartwatch

As the number of watches working on Google's Android Wear platform starts to grow, there have been many questions and doubts about how the system actually works and if it is easy to set up and to maintain.

At this time, there are a total of seven Android Wear watches out there, with six available for purchase now, and the seventh to come soon.

We have Moto 360, LG G Watch, Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3 and LG G Watch R available, and the LG Watch Urbane coming soon.

Well, as with all other Google products (except maybe Google Wave), the company made sure their operating system is as intuitive as they come.

Below you will find a short tutorial on how to set up your Android Wear watch, and pair it with either an Android-powered phone or tablet.

1. You should first check to make sure your smartphone is compatible with the Android Wear watch (the app works with Android 4.3 and above).

2. Secondly you will need the Android Wear app, and any accompanying updates, for your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store.

3. Update to Google Play Services before you can get your smartphone or tablet to talk to your watch, but that should automatically download in the background without you doing anything.


4. After installing the Android Wear app, you'll be prompted to turn on your watch and pair it with your device. Please note that different watches have different methods of turning on, so you will want to check your user manual for that. For example, the Gear Live has a power button on the side, while the G Watch lacks a physical button of any sort and needs to be connected to a charger to get turned on.

5. After booting the watch up, it will display a unique device number, something like a pin, which you will enter on your smartphone or tablet, and that’s basically it.

6. You will be prompted to allow the watch access to your smartphone’s or tablet’s notifications.

7. After allowing the notifications, your watch will display any notifications your smartphone has, including any Google Now cards.

Sead Fadilpašić

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