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Android beating iOS in revenue, if you add China

Google has a bad relationship with China, so much so Google Play, Google Search and several other services are blocked. It makes analysing the Android vs iOS skewed, because we cannot know for certain what is happening in China.

Turns out when you integrate all of the third-party app stores in China utilising Android’s backbone, the platform actually makes more app revenue than iOS, that is according to Digi-Capital.

This puts a spin on the old argument that Android users do not pay for their apps, an argument made by many iOS fans.

The gap between Android and iOS revenue was already shrinking, especially since Apple has started lowering prices in certain regions like China and India, to make apps more accepted in the region.

iOS is still the dominant platform when it comes to buyers average purchase price, with customers spending more on the iOS App Store than Android or China’s app stores.

In Digi-Capital’s assessment, the typical Android customers would need to purchase 2.5 times more volume before spending as much on the iOS App Store, and China’s own app store buyers would have to buy nine times as much to match with one purchase from the average iOS user.

This means developers of anything higher than a £0.99 (or £0.10 in China) app will want to work on iOS first, then port it to Android. Digi-Capital did not add average sales price for Windows Phone, although we expect it to be higher than Android.