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Apple has only shipped 22 per cent of Apple Watch pre-orders so far

Apple Watch went on sale last Friday, with the first lucky buyers receiving their pre-ordered devices over the weekend.

Apple’s latest product line hasn’t had the smoothest of launches, but at least some purchasers finally got to see what they had ordered online.

However, according to digital commerce analysts Slice Intelligence, only 22 per cent (376,000) of the estimated 1.7 million pre-ordered Apple Watches have been delivered to US consumers so far. Other less fortunate (or just slower) buyers can expect a far lengthier wait.

Slice says a remaining 547,000 watches are expected to ship between 27 April and 11 June, depending on how quickly Apple manages to fulfill the orders.

More damningly, 639,000 people will continue to wait for word of when the additional 647,000 Apple Watches will start arriving across the US. That’s 38 per cent of orders still without a projected delivery date. Poor show Apple, poor show.

According to Slice Intelligence, which used its panel of over 2 million online shoppers to size up the early demand for Apple Watch, 62 per cent of buyers opted for the cheaper Sport model, and 71 per cent of shoppers went for the larger 42mm case.

In Apple's quarterly earnings report, released yesterday, the Apple Watch financials were largely ignored, with the company still able to post a net profit of $13.6 billion for the quarter ending in March.

Image Credit: Sentavio / Shutterstock