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G-Cloud sales soar as SMB's lead the trend

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has published the latest G-Cloud sales figures, revealing that more than £550 million has been spent through the framework to date.

SMEs continue to win business via the procurement framework on an almost equal level with much larger firms – 40 per cent of total sales by value and 58 per cent by volume were awarded to smaller businesses.

Meanwhile, central government continues to be the dominant G-Cloud customer, taking responsibility for 77 per cent of total sales by value in comparison with just 23 per cent in the wider public sector.

GDS has also once again updated the sales figures for the Digital Services Framework, which recently moved onto the Digital Marketplace alongside G-Cloud.

The framework is now approaching a total spend of £15,000,000 and of its total £14,184,116 spend, 73 per cent of sales were awarded to SMEs, a much higher percentage than on G-Cloud.

However, central government dominates the Digital Services even more as 86 per cent of total sales by value could be attributed to Whitehall and just 14 per cent to the wider public sector.

Growing public sector cloud use

The use of cloud technology in the public sector looks set to continue to grow throughout 2015 and beyond.

UK libraries are set to begin adopting cloud-based digital catalogues for their customers to use, while universities are using mobile timetables based in the cloud.

Furthermore, numerous organisations, from not-for-profits to technology giants, are partnering up to offer the public sector more affordable, tailored cloud solutions.

Eduserv recently announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a low cost platform to the UK public sector and HP and Microsoft have started a similar programme.