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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera blows iPhone 6 away

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been declared as the smartphone with the best camera out there, at least according to photo experts DxOMark.

The new S6 Edge beat out the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which both scored 82 in DxOMark’s mobile rankings, and it also edged out (sorry – that’s the last “edge” pun, we promise) Samsung’s own Note 4, which hit 83. The Galaxy S6 Edge scored a very strong 86 in total.

Breaking the scores for the S6 Edge down, it did particularly well on photos with an 88 rating, compared to 84 for video.

Photo strengths in the subcategories were a 90 mark for exposure and contrast, and also texture, with a colossal 94 awarded for the phone’s autofocus capability, which is apparently very slick and fast – indeed, DxOMark said that autofocus was the “most noticeable improvement on the S6”.

DxOMark also noted that the Edge boasted “very fine detail and low noise levels when shooting in bright light”, and there was a “good level of detail preserved in low-light shots”.

However, on the cons side, the S6 did show some noticeable noise in low-light photos, and some slight colour fringing at times.

Overall, though, it was pretty much a glowing report for Samsung’s new flagship. DxOMark concluded: “Where the S6 does really excel over its smartphone competition, is in the categories of Flash, Noise and Texture, where it is now noticeably ahead of the iPhone 6 Plus. In fact, the only category in which the new Galaxy S6 doesn’t either excel or have parity with the competition is for Artefacts, where it’s behind both the iPhone 6 and S5.

“It’s a small margin, however, and put into context of the new S6’s outstanding results in the other categories, this a relatively minor issue.”