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TalkTalk introduces unlimited SIM plan which is a total bargain

Want a cheap SIM-only mobile plan that gives you unlimited everything? Then you’ll be interested to learn that TalkTalk has just launched what it claims is the cheapest tariff you can lay your data-grabbing hands on (not to mention your minute-hungry mouth).

With TalkTalk’s unlimited SIM plan, you get unlimited minutes, data, and texts, for just £12 per month – which is indeed quite the bargain. There’s no doubting the value for money here (for £10 per month or so with other networks, you’ll get some pretty stingy data and voice call limits).

TalkTalk compares its offering to the cheapest other such plans, the most frugal of which is the Virgin Mobile unlimited offering, but even that’s almost twice as much at £23 per month.

The catch with TalkTalk? Well, this is a 3G contract so you won’t get any 4G speeds – not that you can really moan about that for the money – and you also have to be an existing TalkTalk customer, or be signing up to TalkTalk’s fixed line broadband or TV service, to get this mobile deal.

Another thing to note with the TalkTalk tariff – the network says the unlimited data allowance is subject to its ‘Good Network Guidelines’, which basically states that those customers who use so much data they are judged to be “compromising the data flow of all our other customers” will be told to cut back on their usage.

TalkTalk’s plan is a 30-day rolling affair, so you don’t have to sign up for a year.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk’s Managing Director for Consumer, commented: “We’re revolutionising mobile with our new unlimited SIM. We’ve successfully driven down the average cost of broadband and TV packages in Britain, giving millions of families more for their money. Now we’re doing the same for mobile.

“Savvy shoppers are realising that a separate mobile package costs significantly more than taking it together with their broadband and TV. And our great value All-in mobile SIM isn’t just for people streaming and downloading day in day out. For those simply after the best price, this is an unbeatable deal.”