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Apple face competition in Tag Heuer's $1,400 luxury smartwatch

Fashion brand Tag Heuer has revealed that it will bring together the technologies of Google and Intel in a smart watch that is set to go on sale around October to November for $1,400, making it one of the biggest competitors of the Apple Watch to-date.

According to reports, the luxury smartwatch, which is priced at around Apple’s mid-point range, will have the regular Android Wear build that has been found in the smart watches of Motorola, Samsung, LG and Asus. The wearable will also run on a low-powered Intel chip.

The Tag Heuer smartwatch is also expected to have around 40 hours of battery life, almost double the Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life. The luxurious smartwatch is also planned to have upgradable hardware.

Despite the comparison between the two brands, Tag Heuer CEO and head of watch-making at LVMH, Claude Biver, said that they would be delighted to see Apple sell “millions and millions” of watches because "the more they sell the more a few people will want something different and come to Tag Heuer."

As you would expect with any Apple product, there has been a frenzy of excitement for the Apple watch, with the Cupertino firm currently rushing to increase its supply in order to keep up with the demand.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.