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Bing Predicts tackles Premier League final standings

The Premier League is almost over, but the final positions of the 20 teams is still up for debate, with several middle of the pack teams currently tied. Microsoft’s Bing Predicts looks to answer where every team will be come the end of the season.

Using algorithms based on past matches against future opponents, current form, injuries and other factors, Bing Predicts has a good overview of the entire situation, although nothing is for certain.

Chelsea is the obvious favourite to win the Premier League, Bing has them first with 91 points, followed by Arsenal taking second with 84 points. Manchester City comes third with 79 points, and Manchester United holds on to fourth spot with 77 points.

Liverpool comes fifth with 72 points, meaning they will qualify for the UEFA Europa League, but instead of Tottenham, Southampton will claim sixth spot with 68 points and take the other spot in the UEFA Europa League, since Chelsea revokes its own spot for finishing in the top four.

Tottenham will come seventh with 63 points, meaning it may have a shot at the UEFA Europa League if Arsenal beats Aston Villa in the FA Cup Final.

At the bottom of the table, Sunderland will make it out of relegation with 32 points, moving from its current spot in 18th to 16th. Leicester, Burnley and QPR will be relegated from the Premier League, according to Bing.

Cortana has been right before, predicting the score of the Superbowl last year. Microsoft’s use of complex algorithms capable of analysing every small detail makes it hard to go against the judgement, even in a sport with unexpected results at the end of the season.

The full table of predictions can be found below:

Premier League

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Image Credit: Flickr (CFC Unofficial Debs