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New study reveals the growing business impact of mobile messaging

Mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket has released the results of a study, commissioned from IDC, into the business impact of mobile messaging.

The study looks at how mobile messaging is being used across a number of key industries including automotive, education, financial services, healthcare and utilities.

It shows that many companies have failed to adopt holistic mobile messaging with 62 per cent having at least two messaging platforms deployed, and 78.5 per cent with more than one active initiative.

According to the research, the greatest benefits of mobile messaging are its ability to improve customer experience and employee relations. Because there's no 'one size' solution, organisations tailor their implementations to meet requirements within their industry segments.

Results reveal that business leaders are driving new investments in mobile messaging and are closely involved in specification, selection, and deployment. Businesses are also finding that maximising investments requires integrating mobile messaging into their business work flows, and that it's easier to do this if the IT team can use a work flow engine from a trusted vendor to quickly create services and address needs.


"Although use cases can differ in terms of how global enterprises are utilising mobile messaging, these findings revealed that no matter what sector, businesses need to take a long-term, purpose-led approach to their mobile messaging investment," says Robert Parker, Group Vice President of IDC Insights. "Businesses must look towards vendors with a track record of support excellence that can provision company-wide use cases in order to meet the specific mobile messaging needs of the internal and external stakeholders within their sector".

There is confidence in the effectiveness of mobile messaging solutions with 72 per cent of organisations surveyed believing they have a significant impact on the customer experience. Of high-tech companies 82 per cent consider SMS to be effective for customer alerts.

Businesses in all industries are adopting a ‘mobile first’ strategy to engage customers through promotions and offers, alerts, and surveys and increase the relevance and immediacy of their marketing message. Currently, 87 per cent of travel and hospitality company respondents are piloting or in production with mobile messaging programs that include customer promotions.

"These findings show that no matter what vertical or industry a business is in, organisations are incorporating mobile messaging into many aspects of their internal operations, as well as customer and employee communications and engagement," says Jay Emmet, General Manager of OpenMarket.

"A well-designed, company-wide mobile messaging strategy will give organisations a path to enhance the customer experience, gain additional customer insights, improve employee relations, and drive operational efficiencies".

You can find out more in the full report which is available to download from the OpenMarket website.

Photo Credit: bloomua/Shutterstock