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uBeam will bring 'real' wireless charging to the world

Wireless charging might very soon become a reality. And I mean 'real' wireless charging, not those devices that require you to hold your smartphone extremely close to the charger, or even have them touching.

I mean ‘real’ wireless charging, where you can walk around, play with your device, and still see the battery percentage rise.

A company called uBeam is working on it, and we’re dying to see. The company has created a device that uses ultrasonic transduction to convert the energy from a power outlet to ultrasonic sound waves. It then sends those sound waves flying through the room, and if your smartphone (or any other device) is within a 15-feet radius, it will charge.

Three things are important to notice here:

  1. The charging speed is pretty much the same as with your standard charger.
  2. The charging radius will most likely grow in time.
  3. It’s completely safe to use.

The device shouldn’t cost more than £32, and it will be fairly slim, so it won’t be annoying to use.

However, there’s a catch. In order to make these things, uBeam needs money, and a lot of it. That’s why some major retail brands are looking to invest in this new technology. Why retail? Because they want exclusivity deals, so that they can offer their customers free charging while they browse around the store.

Just how much money uBeam needs? Here’s what Tech Crunch has to say: “While it may not ask for much money beyond the strategic round, sources say it’s looking towards a massive Series B that could be around $50 million or more, with a valuation of $500 million or even much higher depending on progress.”

uBeam declined to comment.