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Apple planning dual rear camera for iPhone 7

Apple might be planning to add two cameras onto the back of the iPhone 7, if a new patent for “small form factor telephoto camera” is anything to go on.

The camera would utilise the same iSight camera, alongside a small format telephoto camera, capable of taking better photos by analysing things like depth and range much better than a singular sensor.

The patent details how dual camera would be capable of interchangeable iris or aperture stop, allowing the user to change the focal ratios from 2.4 to 10.0. This would allow a vast array of customisation for every shot, not currently possible on the iPhone 6 iSight camera.

There is no evidence to suggest Apple is planning this for the iPhone 6S, although the S model is usually where the camera gets an upgrade. We would expect this big a change would be held off until the iPhone 7, where Apple can make more of a mark.

It is also not detailed how Apple would integrate a dual camera, whether it would use the HTC One M8 system of one camera underneath the first, or have it like the concept image (above) with two cameras side-by-side.

Considering Apple enjoys minimalist design, we expect the two camera sensors be merged into one external feature. Hopefully when it does arrive, we won’t have the extrusion currently on the iPhone 6, making the camera sensor stick out slightly.

Apple has been playing around with various new patents regarding mobile camera technology, including a patent that would allow the company to push for DSLR quality photos on the iPhone. We aren’t sure if that will come to the iPhone 6S, although it would be more likely than the dual-camera launching on this year’s model.