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Instagram launches @Music, its first curation channel

Instagram has launched a new music curation channel on the photo service, named @Music. It is the first channel to be run by Instagram, and will supposedly take inspiring images from musicians and the community daily from Tuesday to Sunday.

It is one of the big moves by Instagram to improve user retention on the app. If it offers editorialised content to music fans, it might bring the average view per day up from 21 minutes, to compete with apps like Tinder currently at 77 minutes per day average.

In its blog post, Instagram revealed that over a quarter of its 300 million users are musicians, although that probably bundles in millions who have taken a photo of a guitar or Taylor Swift, alongside the few thousand actual singers, songwriters and producers.

Even so, it is clear that Instagram is a great place for fans to follow musicians. Similar to Twitter, most of the celebrity accounts are handled by the actual person and not a social media crew. If Instagram can harness this connection between fans and figures in the industry, it could lead to much longer time spent on the app.

Instagram plans to add photos, alongside 15 second music tutorials. We expect it might add in some concert footage from various artists across the globe, showing off some of the unique venues.

We do not know how many people are working on the Instagram @Music account. It could be one or two, or a dozen all set up in prominent festival places. It will also take content from the community, giving unknown artists more of a platform to be featured.

More of these channels are bound to pop-up in the next few months, showing off fashion, cars, video games and anything else worth following. Sticking to current trends could be a way for Instagram to break out of its current rut where it can only show photos and videos; turning Instagram into a pseudo-blog format for channels.