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Jive Chime real-time business messaging app is now out

Jive has announced the release of a new messaging app for businesses which makes it easy for staff members to keep in touch in real-time.

Jive Chime is now available for iOS and Android devices, along with Windows and Mac desktop computers, and it provides a secure but consumer-style chat experience (from one-to-one messaging to group chats).

The app is flexible – you can start a conversation on your mobile when you’re out of the office, and pick it up on your PC when you return to base – and offers a streamlined interface which is easy to use, the company claims.

There’s also a search function to ferret through old conversations, and the app lets users share images and links with colleagues when chatting. Jive Chime also allows you to see when messages are read, and when co-workers are responding.

Customisation of the app is possible, too, with notification preferences that allow the user to avoid being snowed under with chat alerts.

IT departments can also avail themselves of admin features that let them add, remove or edit employee profiles via a centralised console, with this costing $2 (£1.30) per user per month.

Elisa Steele, CEO and president of Jive Software, commented: “There is a massive paradigm shift in how employees communicate because they expect to connect as simply and easily as they do in their personal lives. With the fast pace of business today, co-workers need simple, singularly focused, mobile apps to work together in any context, at anytime and on any device.

“Despite the many options for team communications, Jive Chime is the first to truly put people at the centre of its design – a simple, smart, beautiful app to get the answers you need to keep the work moving and the conversation flowing."