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Whitepaper: Measuring the business value of converged systems

The world of IT is in the midst of a massive structural shift from the PC- and client/server-based “2nd Platform,” which dominated the past 25 years, to what IDC calls the “3rd Platform,” which is built on the foundation of mobile computing, social media, big data and analytics, and cloud technologies. Given that the 3rd Platform will dominate IT investments in the next decade, the data centre that supports the 3rd Platform’s enabling technologies is the foundation for new business models.

Businesses are demanding that their data centre operators reliably deliver large and highly variable amounts of transactions, content serving, and analytics on time, with no delays and no excuses. In this new agile business universe, IT assets can no longer be deployed and managed in a fragmented and siloed fashion. Converged systems such as those designed, built, and delivered by HP will play a key role in enabling the agile IT infrastructure required. Their simplicity of deployment translates into lower costs, less downtime, and faster provisioning.

This study, the second in an ongoing series of HP-sponsored research initiatives to understand the business value of converged infrastructure, reinforces and extends our earlier positive findings. Organisations that have been transitioning to converged infrastructures report across-the-board reduced deployment times (67% less), reduced downtime (70% less), reduced IT costs per user (52% less) and, importantly, less IT staff time required to run the infrastructure and “keep the lights on” (28% less). Increasing convergence levels can dramatically improve IT’s ability to support and improve the business.

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