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Inbox Zero: New app can help you reach the dream

A new mobile app called Zero has launched this week and is aiming to help people blast through their inboxes, and achieve the much sought after pipe dream of "inbox zero". The app is targeted at heavy email users who receive large quantities of inbound email. Zero is also promising to speed up email processing by 30 percent. Is is this too good to be true?

While still far from perfect in its present state, the developers from Zero have come up with an interface that draws it's inspiration from how we scroll though social media, helping the user sort though their inbox quickly and efficiently


zero feed

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By turning the inbox into a text-only feed, the app user can scroll through vertically one by one. As you scroll up through your inbox, the emails are automatically archived. From the feed, you can also reply, 'star' an email to keep it in your inbox instead of archiving, or move to a folder.

As well as the feed, there are a number of buttons at the bottom of the app to view your inboxes, folders, or to search through all messages.

One thing that is lacking from Zero, is the ability to 'flag' an email, a tool that many email users rely on heavily. Another con for the app is the inability to mark emails as read or unread. This is surely because of the end goal of reaching 'inbox zero'.

Despite these problems with the app at present, these issues have been flagged (pun intended) with the CEO Alexander Volkov, and some of these will be dealt with in future releases of the app. One feature that is already being readied is a system to prioritise the main feed, which will be a very welcome addition.

Zero is backed by a small amount of angel funding, including investment from ImageShack CEO and ex-Googler Jack Levin, Eugene Malobrodsky (co-founder of Anchorfree), and Luc Dumont (VP of Corporate Development at Dailymotion). The startup is now raising seed funding.