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Leaked: Surface Pro 4 arriving in May

Microsoft is planning to launch the Surface Pro 4 sometime this month, according to a new report from SlashGear.

Following from the BUILD conference, Microsoft will announce the Surface Pro 4 at a much smaller event, before releasing it in the US, Europe and a few other countries by July.

It is surprising it kept the Surface Pro 4 away from the BUILD conference, considering it already has the media attention and developers in the room. Perhaps it is not ready, although a few weeks would not be the biggest deal in terms of waiting time.

The Surface Pro 4 will reportedly feature a fanless design with small holes on the device for air to escape. It will also run the fifth generation Intel Core processor, most likely with i5 to i7 options depending on price. We expect it will also feature 4, 8 and 12GB of RAM with different storage options to fit alongside.

Considering Apple also plans to launch a hybrid tablet with keyboard functionality, the Surface Pro 4 needs to win customers. The fanless design is a big feat but one already achieved by Apple on the iPad Pro, if leaked schematics are anything to go on.

Windows 10 will most likely come alongside the Surface Pro 4. That will most likely mean it will be the first device available with Windows 10 pre-installed. Microsoft may even treat Surface Pro 4 customers to Office 2016, even though the productivity suite might be subscription only from now on.

Source: SlashGear (opens in new tab)

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