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How to stay safe when using free Wi-Fi

We've come along way since 2000. Just think, the only way most people could get online was by hooking up their computers to a phone line or an Ethernet cable.

It might surprise you to know then, that the first portable computers were released way back before we learned to unshackle ourselves from all of those annoying cables. The first laptops were released in the 1980s and one of the first was Apple's Macintosh Portable, weighing in at a lap crushing 7kg. It's is safe to say we've come along way since that inauspicious beginning.

Although Wi-Fi has been around since 1985, it is was only in the 2000s that it became increasingly popular. Today Wi-Fi is an integral part of our lives, and is often the first thing that we ask for when checking-in at a hotel, or going for a coffee. I've even heard children as young as six or seven demanding a Wi-Fi connection whilst at a hotel!

When we realise how prolific Wi-Fi usage is, and how much it is taken for granted, we sometimes overlook the security vulnerabilities.

When was the last time you used a public Wi-Fi? Maybe you're using one now? What sensitive data did you have saved on your device? What did you send over the network? Many unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots leave you vulnerable and wide open to hackers looking to steal your data.

Before you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot again, it may be worth reading through these tips, and make sure you stay safe while using public Wi-Fi.

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