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iPad Pro will be 12.9in tablet with Force Touch display

We’ve heard more news on the iPad Pro front (or iPad Plus, whatever the alleged 12.9in tablet – or possibly 12.2in slate as some have pegged it – will be called).

Apple Insider has a source who claims that the new iPad will indeed fall towards the larger end of the 12in scale, with a 12.9in display, and they also listed a number of features which will supposedly be included.

NFC, for starters, will allow for Apple Pay functionality in terms of the slate receiving payments – and this will also allow for accessories, and the stylus which is reportedly being developed for the iPad Pro (as an optional extra, the last we heard), to easily pair with the tablet.

The stylus is being talked about plenty, because this source also said the touchscreen will be far more responsive in terms of touch latency, ensuring it’s slick in terms of the pen interacting with the UI (and of course, for touch interaction in general).

Still on the screen, Force Touch will apparently also be on board the incoming iPad, as seen on the Apple Watch, and rumoured for the next iPhone (this allows for detection of normal and harder presses, increasing the scope of the UI). A USB Type-C port will allegedly have a home on this tablet, too.

Sadly the source didn’t have anything to chime in regarding the release date of the iPad Pro, but from previous reports about delays in supplying panels, production won’t start until the autumn, so the launch may not happen until early next year.

The most recent news we heard about Apple’s productivity-focused tablet was the leak of a case from Sony Dickson.

Darren Allan

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