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TomTom boasts it will be a major player with self-driving cars

TomTom has big plans when it comes to self-driving cars, with the company convinced that it can become a main player when it comes to the tech which will drive these vehicles (literally).

TomTom admitted to having a lean time over the best part of the last decade, with its sat-nav products being attacked by the spread of smartphones and navigation apps, but in an interview with Reuters, CEO Harold Goddijn said that the firm has completed an overhaul of its digital mapping architecture – leading to some major contracts being snared in recent times.

Goddijn now boasts that TomTom is one of a small number of companies, including Google, which have the wherewithal and accurate location data to meet any safety regulations for computer assisted driving, and further away in the future, self-driving motors.

He told Reuters: “We are seen by our customers as the guys with the right ideas on how you do those things.”

TomTom’s new mapping tech allows maps to be redrawn in real-time using crowd sourced feedback from other cars on the road, and the chief exec noted that no other company has that capability.

TomTom has just announced its MyDrive app (and website), a service which offers real-time traffic info to help with more accurate route planning, and can send data to the driver’s TomTom Go before they leave on their journey.

The company is going to develop this app considerably, too, as MD Corinne Vigreux noted: "MyDrive launches with some innovative features – all designed to make the driving experience more seamless. From knowing when to leave so that you arrive on time, to making your map personal with your favourite places – even sending your destination to your TomTom GO before you get in the car, we're really excited about the service.

“But this is just the beginning. MyDrive offers so much more – and, by opening-up the platform to developers, we're opening-up new, and exciting, possibilities for the future.”

TomTom is also further expanding its horizons with the launch of the Bandit, a new action camera with some very innovative ideas. All in all, it certainly seems like a company now on the up...

Darren Allan

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