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The digital news revolution is taking hold

Through developments in technology, the way people discover and consume news has been changing, according to a research by 72Point.

People are becoming better trained at filtering out news that matters to them through social media, the new research has revealed, a revolution in news access which could prompt a change in the way news is delivered.

Of the 7,500 British respondents, 70 per cent of people said social media has made it easier to access news, with 34 per cent regularly clicking through to news stories via social networking sites.

The average person accesses six media stories each day, with almost one in 10 consuming more than 16 stories a day. Users are now also relying on friends and social media influencers for sourcing news, making them just as important as media professionals.

“News is predominantly consumed on mobile devices and discovered socially, which means there is a thirst for more digestible content that can be delivered quickly with maximum impact," 72Point Head of Digital Jack Peat said.

“If news consumption is changing, then the way we deliver news has to change too.”

To encourage social sharing, a new newswire service, Digital Hub, has been launched to become a one-stop-shop for editors’ requiring news copy, images, audio and videos, which are ready to use or can be bundled into one downloadable file.

Digital Hub is offering a free-to-use service to publications that allows journalists and editors to grab and use quality news quickly that is tailored to their audience. The newswire service can be accessed at