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Linqapp language help app is now out on iOS

Language help and translation app Linqapp is now available on iOS as well as Android.

The app allows users to pose questions about a particular language – to get a translation, or ask about the use of a colloquial phrase perhaps – and it delivers answers from native speakers of that language very swiftly indeed.

In other words, no more Google Translate, as this service offers something far more valuable and accurate – plus you can ask questions not just with text, but by audio (and you can add images if you want, as well).

The Linqapp team announced: “We had been receiving requests to build an iPhone version since the very first day of our Linqapp launch on Android and we are incredibly happy that we overcame all obstacles and that the iOS version is finally here.”

The developers also said they will have a special launch celebration on their Facebook page probably later this week (in the “coming days”), and if you Like the page, you could win a new iPad or some Beats earphones.

Linqapp’s language learning community is a large one, and those who help others earn ‘reputation points’, with the plan being in the near future to allow the users who rack up the most to get the chance to earn real money via tutoring and paid translation.