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Internet over sex: Londoners spend 12 hours a day connected

Brits would rather sacrifice sex for a week than their Internet connection. Sex can wait, Facebook statuses cannot!

I don’t need a better lede than that.

Hyperoptic (opens in new tab), UK’s Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband provider, commissioned a research to get insight into British web habits, and as it turns out, the average Londoner spends 12 hours of his day connected to the web.

That is three hours more than the average Brit, who spends nine hours of each day online.

The love towards Internet goes to such lengths, that the average Brit would rather sacrifice chocolate (45 per cent), alcohol (24 per cent) or sex (22 per cent) for a week, before their broadband connection (9 per cent)

Londoners are not only the most dependent when it comes to being connected, their homes are also the ‘smartest’ in the UK.

The average Londoner has five devices connected to the Internet, including but not limited too: phones, computers, TV, game consoles, music players, alarms, thermostats and lighting systems. The average UK consumer has three devices in their home connected to the web.

Brits are also willing to download HD TV rather than stream it, as streaming can still be a frustrating experience.

Over two in five (43 per cent) choose to download HD TV, and 52 per cent of those say they do it to ensure a buffer-free experience. One in four (25 per cent) stream high definition TV, and of those that do stream, they claim buffering can happen up to eight times at an hour at peak times.

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