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Apple set to reinvent your TV remote

Apple might be planning to add some new control features to the Apple TV remote in the latest change to the set-top box.

The new TV remote will also feature ‘Touch Pad’, allowing users to interact with the Apple TV like it was a computer or smartphone. No word on whether the pad has integrated Force Touch sensors like the trackpad and Apple Watch, our guess is no.

Even though the redesign should make way for Apple’s old choices, we expect the Apple TV remote will mostly remain the same. Apple has kept the design similar since the beginning with a few buttons and other ways to interact.

It doesn’t like adding buttons for the sake of adding them, which is why the current Apple TV remote only features menu, pause and a wheel where users can turn volume and down and move through content.

The update is planned for a June launch, the time as the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco (opens in new tab). The event should host the launch of Apple’s internet TV service, said to feature live TV along with weeks of catch up and on-demand.

Apple is finding some resistance from TV content creators when it comes to pricing, with Apple trying to squeeze everything out of big channels like Disney. This might lead to some TV shows and channels not being available on launch, as Apple tries to win them to the cause.

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