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Pebble Time smartwatch is officially in mass production

Pebble has announced the start of mass production for the Pebble Time, its latest Kickstarter success that managed to raise over £13 million in funding.

The smartwatch is the second generation, following the Pebble and Pebble Steel. Customers were able to choose between the Time and Time Steel, one with a polycarbonate design the other steel.

One of Pebble’s most treasured statistics was battery life and it stuck to its guns with the Pebble Time, launching an e-paper colour display capable of at least eight days battery.

Pebble also launched a new ‘Timeline’ feature for sorting through notifications quicker. It segments the notifications into past, present and future, allowing users to find the right notifications and not have to scramble through filters to find the right message.

The team will start off manufacturing in small quantities, shipping out to the United States first. Even though the Pebble Time is a success story on Kickstarter, the 70,000 sales is a bit shabby compared to the Apple Watch’s 2 million pre-orders.

Even with the huge gap in sales, Pebble is still going strong and continues to build on its own app store. It recently had a run in with Apple where app developers were being banned on iOS for mentioning Pebble, although that appears to have been stopped.

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