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Sony reveals UK PS4 sales hit two million

Sony has announced two million PS4 console sales in the UK, another big milestone for the leader in the current generation of video gaming consoles.

Worldwide the PS4 has managed over 22 million sales, mostly coming from the United States. In Europe, the PS4 is more popular than the Xbox One, which for all of 2014 has been the more expensive choice with less exclusives worth mentioning.

Games like Bloodborne have brought PS4 owners back to their consoles, but Sony still needs to be on the offensive when it comes to exclusives and indies as both are severely lacking on the PS4.

After 18 months on sale, Sony has still failed quite a few of its promises to gamers about thousands of indie titles, multitasking and other promoted features. But that hasn’t stopped consumers from buying the console, so something Sony is doing must be working.

The back-end of 2015 should be a good time for console owners, provided games like The Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight, Star Wars: Battlefront, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Project CARS don’t fail to deliver on their promises.

Sony is working to bring more entertainment to the PS4. In the UK it is still working on the Twitch.TV app, alongside other entertainment local to the country.

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