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Windows 8.x is officially out of lives

Every month NetMarketShare (opens in new tab) releases usage share figures for all of the major operating systems.

In the past these figures tended to paint an interesting picture of how well - or rather how badly - Microsoft’s newest operating system was doing. Occasionally the OS grew share, occasionally it lost share - sometimes quite dramatically.

Now though, the only picture that’s being painted by these monthly figures is an operating system that has no future and will vanish quietly, and with zero fanfare, once Windows 10 arrives.

Windows 8 had a paltry 3.52 per cent usage share in March, and dropped 0.02 percentage points to 3.50 per cent in April. Windows 8.1 was on 10.55 per cent in March, and grew to 11.16 per cent a month later.

In total the combined Windows 8.x managed to grow just 0.50 percentage points to sit on 14.66 per cent. The tiled OS remains behind XP which, against all odds, still has 15.93 per cent share.

As ever, Windows 7 remains the clear champion, with 58.39 per cent usage share, rising 0.35 percentage points from March to April.

The clear takeaway from another unexciting month is no one is swapping operating systems at the moment, and that makes sense with Windows 10 set to arrive in a matter of months (on PCs at least (opens in new tab)).

Photo credit: Luis Louro (opens in new tab)/Shutterstock (opens in new tab)