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EYA aiming to be a hub for young entrepreneurs

The European Youth Award (EYA) has announced it is seeking young entrepreneurs engaged in innovative digital projects aimed at solving Europe's social challenges.

The organisation is urgingyoung digital changemakers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to participate in its contest which is open until 15 July this year.

"The EYA has developed in the last year as young entrepreneurs care more about learning from each other rather than winning prizes or having fun," claimed Professor Peter A. Bruck, EYA founder.

"Participants in the EYA are more interested in comparing results and taking next steps in improvements of their projects than showing off skills and talents.

"EYA is becoming the meeting place for digital creatives who start up their projects and aim for social impact," he added.

The EYA claims to be unique by addressing young, digital, creative content producers and app developers in 49 European countries and inviting them to enter the Digital Creativity for Social Good competition.

There are six categories for entries that address goals defined by the Council of Europe and EU Strategy Europe 2020:

  • Healthy Life (fitness, nutrition, healthcare)
  • Smart Learning (education, e-skills, open science)
  • Connecting Cultures (arts, games, diversity)
  • Go Green (sustainable energy, mobility, urban development)
  • Active Citizenship (free journalism, open government, social cohesion)
  • Money Matters (financial literacy, employment, smart consumerism).

The three best projects in each category will be selected and awarded by the Grand Jury which consists of international experts from all branches of the creative industries.

For Social Good

Those behind the winning projects will win a trip to participate in the EYA Festival, which takes place in Graz during November and aims to provide a central hub for international exchange and collaborations.

EYA winners are expected to work on new ways to employ the tools provided by the Internet mobile technology for social good alongside socially-active ICT experts, business leaders and other creative minds.