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First road legal self-driving lorry gets ready to hit Nevada highways

Germany-based automotive firm Daimler (opens in new tab) is attempting to transform transport through its manufactured self-driving lorry, which is now set to hit the roads in Nevada.

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck is possibly the largest autonomous vehicle to hit the roads and has just garnered the approval of the US state of Nevada, making it all set for commercial use.

Aiming to answer the common cause of driver fatigue, the vehicle provides the perfect answer for handling long-haul motorway driving. During the trip, the driver can handle back office activities, such as billings, deliveries and itineraries, among the others.

However, the vehicle’s on-board computer has limitations and will still require a driver for complicated routes or maneuvers. Such instances include driving in busy urban streets or moving in and out of distribution centres.

The vehicle has already undergone 10,000 miles of testing.

"This is not a testing licence This is a full operating licence. We believe that these vehicles and systems are ready," Daimler executive Wolfgang Bernhard said.

The company has also chosen Nevada as its first location to operate due to the fact that the state is known as one if the first to allow autonomous cars. The deserted state also has an easier regulatory process, compared to the European government's slow approval for such transport.