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Messenger had a million video calls in two days

A week ago, Facebook rolled out the video call for its Messenger app and, much to nobody’s surprise – totally nailed it.

According to a report from the social media giant, Messenger users made over 1 million video calls during those first two days after launch. What makes these numbers even a bigger success is the fact that video calling is so far limited only to 18 markets, including UK, France, Greece, Mexico, Portugal and the United States.

Of course, Facebook promised to roll out the feature to other markets, soon.

Facebook’s Messenger app has some 600 million active user base.

"We're very happy with the progress," Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger's Head of Product, said.

It seems as video calling follows the success of Facebook’s earlier Messenger add-on, voice calling, which the social media giant introduced in April last year.

According to Facebook, its voice calling feature now accounts for 10 per cent of all VoIP calls worldwide. This move is surely proof that live video is going mainstream on the internet.

Secondly, with the recent success stories of Meerkat, and more especially Persicope, the live video streaming apps which shook up the entire Internet, Facebook’s video call option couldn’t come at a better time.

“Video calling is just the latest in a series of Messenger updates aimed at attracting younger users. In the past two months, Messenger launched peer-to-peer payments and customer service abilities as well as a standalone web app. And at this year's F8, it officially made the messaging app a platform so outside developers could augment the Messenger experience with touches like stickers and animated GIFs,” Mangalindan says.