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Microsoft hits out at Google after announcing Windows 10 update plans

Microsoft values its customers’ security, and it wants them to know that. The company announces its plans to frequently update Windows 10-powered desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets.

At Ignite 2015 event (opens in new tab), the company said that it will be pushing security updates every day instead of delivering them once a month.

Home users will be getting updates more often than ever, Windows chief Terry Myerson notes (opens in new tab). Businesses, however, will remain sited on their monthly cycle - popularly known as Patch Tuesday - as the company plans to first test the update with home users and ensure that those codes aren’t breaking anything. Sounds reasonable.

As has become a tradition of sorts, Microsoft also took a jab at its rival during the announcement. "Google ships a big pile of ... code, with no commitment to update your device", Myerson said. He later slammed the Mountain View-based company’s update policy in Android and pointed out how irresponsible Google is towards its consumers' security.

"Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices, and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device," Myerson continued.

Myerson may seem harsh to many, but he is spot on nonetheless. Google’s has an embarrassing track record when it comes to updating Android devices. On many occasions in the past, Google has officially said that it won’t be updating older devices with new updates, putting the security of hundreds of millions of users on risk.

Earlier this year, Google refused (opens in new tab)to provide a security patch for a vulnerability found in Android WebView to devices that are still on Android 4.3 or earlier, leaving hundreds of millions of users vulnerable.

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