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Spanning backup: Automated protection for Office 365 is here

The rise of SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365 has brought benefits in terms of collaboration and efficiency. However, switching to a cloud-based service doesn't remove the need for backups.

For example, Office 365 doesn't protect against accidental deletion of files and a deleted mailbox is only available for 30 days after which it's not recoverable. These problems are addressed by a new product from backup specialist Spanning Cloud Apps (opens in new tab).

Launched at Ignite, (opens in new tab) Spanning Backup for Office 365 provides IT administrators and end users with a simple way to locate lost mail, calendars and contact data from any point in time, from any device and accurately restore them to their original state.

"We have witnessed the groundswell of interest in Office 365 as more and more companies want to take advantage of the improved collaboration, higher productivity and increased mobility that comes with cloud computing," says Jeff Erramouspe, VP and General Manager of Spanning. "The tremendous interest in our beta program has exceeded our goals, and shows that IT organisations understand they need a solid data protection plan in place before moving to the cloud. As the first fully responsive cloud-to-cloud backup application for Office 365, Spanning Backup allows Microsoft customers to harness cloud-based productivity without having to worry about user-driven data loss that can significantly hinder their work".

Launched in beta at the end of last year (opens in new tab) the product minimises risk of data loss and assures availability of Mail, Calendars and People. It also helps enterprises meet audit and compliance requirements for backup and recovery. It reduces the IT department's workload too by allowing users to easily restore lost data themselves.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 will be available form the end of June at a $48 (£31) per user, per year subscription price with unlimited back-up storage. Discounts are available for volume purchases, long tern agreements, and non-profit and education use. More information is available on the Spanning website (opens in new tab).

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Ian Barker worked in information technology before discovering that writing about computers was easier than fixing them. He has worked for a staff writer on a range of computer magazines including PC Extreme, was editor of PC Utilities, and has written for TechRadar, BetaNews, IT Pro Portal, and LatestGadgets.