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Classic Snake game is making a return to smartphones

Anyone who owned a Nokia phone back in the '90's will remember playing possibly one of the greatest mobile games of all time; Snake.

After creating the classic Snake game way back in 1997, its creator Taneli Armanto has decided (at long last) to develop a sequel through a new partnership with mobile game development studio Rumilus Design (opens in new tab).

Called Snake Rewind, the game will be more than just collecting pieces of fruit represented as a pixelated dot as it was on old Nokia phones. While it will include the iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original game, it will also combine them with new visual effects, sounds, and features.

The new version of the game has new special fruit types, with 10 levels, each with their own visuals and music, which can be unlocked by completing missions. It also allows users to rewind the snake after crashing to continue the game and compete against friends and other players on a high score list.

The game will also include in-app purchases, such as the fruit store where players can purchase boosters and other upgrades.

Snake Rewind will be available for free on 14 May, 2015 on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Watch the video above for some early teasers of Snake Rewind in action.