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Facebook's 'I'm a Voter' button proves a big hit with UK users

Yesterday, Facebook revealed that a 'I'm a Voter' button will be used on the social network for the first time in a UK General Election and it has already proved a popular addition for the 35 million UK users.

The button, which appears at the top of the site's homepage, had already been used by over a million people earlier this morning and now, at the time of writing, 1.6 million users have logged their news.

Facebook has implemented the tool for the last three US presidential elections, as well as some European elections, and has backed up its positive influence with a study that claims (opens in new tab) the button boosted US voter turnout in 2010 as 300,000 users voted just because they saw the updates from their friends.

But Facebook isn't the only social network encouraging UK citizens to vote. Twitter is promoting the hashtag #IVoted (opens in new tab) for users to quickly and easily share their news.

According to Facebook, the economy has been the most talked about discussed issue in the build-up to the election, registering only 4.5 million interactions between 1 January and 1 May.

Digital (opens in new tab) has been cited as a key area in this year's race for Number 10, with issues such as broadband speeds (opens in new tab) being among the key concerns for UK voters.

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