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Google planning to launch 'Voice Actions' at I/O

Google is planning to make voice recognition available on all Android apps, by allowing developers to integrate the voice service onto their applications for free, called Voice Actions.

Ever since Google Now was released, voice recognition has been available for Google services, but the company has remained hesitant when it comes to third-party developers gaining the same sort of access.

Having developer support for Voice Actions could be crucial with Android Wear using mostly voice to move around the system. This could include automatic song finding and playback on Spotify, or a reply to a WhatsApp message, without having to press any buttons.

If developers integrate the system into every aspect of the app, it could allow the whole system to be automated. Google has not detailed how deep this integration will go, although we suspect developers will have full control of their own app.

Voice Actions will reportedly come alongside Android M, the newest update to Android coming to Google I/O. The developer conference kicks off later this month with several days of talks - we suspect to hear all news from Google’s different services.

Google might also be preparing some new services to compete with Apple, considering the iPhone maker is developing music and video streaming services, both to be launched at WWDC 2015 the month after Google I/O.

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