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Google has more search traffic on mobile than desktop in 10 countries

Google has revealed it has more traffic on mobile in 10 countries for search, showing the large amount of growth in the past few years.

Even though desktop revenue still trumps mobile, Google is surging towards a mobile future. The most recent change to the search engine focused on pushing mobile friendly websites higher up the search rankings.

The United States and Japan were the only two countries disclosed by Google as having more mobile traffic than desktop. We don’t know why Google is actively keeping the other eight countries hidden, perhaps due to some desktop advertising agreements.

It also didn’t confirm solid worldwide numbers when it comes to desktop vs mobile. We know desktop is still Google’s primary platform for engagement, but there is no way of knowing the exact percentage between desktop and mobile.

Facebook has confirmed 800 million users are on mobile, alongside 600 million on Facebook Messenger, 750 million on WhatsApp and 350 million on Instagram. The social company has made a huge mark on mobile devices, after the screw up four years ago when Mark Zuckerberg sided with HTML5 over native applications.

Some of Google’s newest improvements like Inbox and YouTube have focused primarily on the mobile side of design and development. It has been investing heavily into building its iOS portfolio, making sure both platform have all of Google’s services.

Google still needs to fix its current advertising rut in the mobile space. Banner and static advertising doesn't work, meaning Google needs to find organic ways to place ads without freaking users or making them switch off the app for an alternative.

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