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Google’s big Android M reveal is coming at I/O 2015

As expected, Google will unveil Android M (Maltesers?), the follow on from Lollipop, at the company’s I/O event which kicks off at the end of this month.

The presence of Android M (Marble Cake?) at the event was spilled by Google itself, when it published the full schedule for I/O 2015, and mentioned the upcoming OS in a session on May 28 dedicated to ‘Android for Work’.

The description for this session began: “Android M brings [the] power of Android to all kinds of workplaces,” the Verge spotted – and once this was picked up on, the spiel was swiftly removed from the Google I/O website.

And doubtless someone, somewhere, in the Googleplex got a sharply slapped wrist…

Android M (Muffin?) is expected to be a more evolutionary update following the huge changes with Lollipop, and not that much is known about it at this stage – obviously the UI will be tweaked, and security apparently tightened.

It would also seem that notifications are being worked on for Android M (Madeira Cake?), as there’s a session on coming attractions for ‘Notifications and Interruptions’, with further refinements promised when it comes to taming unwelcome levels of notifications.

Other sessions at Google I/O are going to look at gaming on Android TV and Chromecast, battery performance, security, the smart home (‘Working with Nest’), and of course a shed load of advice on app testing and promotion.

Darren Allan

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