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NetSuite launches cloud business management app on Android

NetSuite has announced the launch of an Android app which offers access to ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality to staff when they’re out and about.

NetSuite for Android offers users the chance to manage records, access calendars or customer histories, accept payments and place sales orders directly, fill in timesheets, and handle expenses (including uploading images of receipts snapped with the phone’s camera) among many other tasks while they’re on the move.

The app also supports any customisations in place, such as custom forms, fields and scripts. Full localisation is also provided, with the software able to instantly conform to NetSuite language settings and it supports multiple currencies, too.

Evan Goldberg, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of NetSuite, commented: “NetSuite for Android is unique. Designed mobile-first, it’s the world’s only end-to-end cloud business management mobile app which brings full mobile and unified ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality to Android smartphone users.

“We believe in empowering companies and their employees so they can fully participate in the mobile revolution. Every day, mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are playing a larger role in a growing number of day-to-day business activities.”

The Android app will be a free download when it emerges on Google Play, which should be before the end of May.