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Cheapest places around the world to buy the Apple Watch

Does the shipping and/or international tariffs of the Apple Watch cost £113? I sincerely doubt it, but that's the difference between buying the coveted wearable device in the States, and in the United Kingdom. (opens in new tab) conducted a survey to see how much the Apple Watch costs in the nine countries it launched, and unsurprisingly, there are some differences.

The watch is obviously cheapest in the US, costing £366, which is £113 less than its UK price of £479.

The UK is the most expensive place to purchase the device, coming in above what it costs in Canada, Germany, France, Japan, China, Australia and Hong Kong.

If you have friends over the pond, and you're interested in getting your hands on the Apple Watch (or getting the Apple Watch on your hands – oh God I've said this too many times already), it might be cheaper to have them send one over.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past year, the Apple Watch is Apple's take on smartwatches and its first device of the kind. It has caused quite a stir with its features (notifications, social media, fitness trackers, etc) and its pricing (there is a luxury model that costs more than £6,000).

There are a total of three different models, the classic, the sports one and the luxury edition. The difference is in the way they are built,the sports one has an anodized aluminium case and is somewhat lighter than the other two models.

The difference is also in the price of the devices,

Voucherbox's research was transformed to an infographic, which you can check out below.

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