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Daily Deal: Save £40 on a Philips HTL2101A/05 2.0 Channel Soundbar Speaker with Bass Reflex System

Save 44% on this sleek and well designed Speaker system from Philips. With its low-rise profile, it is perfect to fit in front of your TV and blend into the background. Despite blending into the background thanks to it's elegant design, you definitely won't forget about it when you feel as well as hear the bass. This is perfect for those of you who like bass turned up to 11.

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Despite coming with Philips' Bass Reflex System, it is not all about that bass (apologies for the bad pun). This speaker system will give you amazing virtual surround sound from your TV via just one cable, and is much better than relying entirely on the TV's own speakers.

In addition to movies, you can also enjoy top quality MP3 playback from your mobile devices.

With nearly 50% off the retail price of £90.00, this deal is really to good to pass up and is a bona fide bargain, offering you great value for money. To get your hands on this deal simply click the buy now buttons above or below.

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