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Election 2015 results: The Conservatives retain power

The Conservatives have bagged another five years in power, following a sweep of the Labour Party taking 99 more seats in the 2015 General Election.

The results currently stand:

The Conservative Party - 331

The Labour Party - 232

The Scottish National Party - 56

Liberal Democrats - 8

Democratic Unionist Party - 8

Sinn Féin - 4

Plaid Cymru - 3

Ulster Unionist Party - 3

UKIP - 1

Green Party - 1

Turnout was 66.1 per cent.

It is the largest difference from the pre-election results polls to the final result since 1992, showing a large amount of “shy Tory” voters were in this election.

The Scottish National Party also turned the tide of the voters quite considerably, a lot of whom would’ve voted Labour second. It does bring some questions as to the legitimacy of first past the poll voting, and whether the UK should employ a second or third option to see who is the voter’s majority.

There has already been a flurry of news following the election, including Labour MP Ed Miliband stepping down from his role, stating that he takes "absolute and total responsibility for the result and our defeat at this election."

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg also resigned citing the lowest numbers in quite some time for the party. More woes befell the Lib Dems when big name MPs failed to retain their seats including Vince Cable.

UKIP and The Green Party also failed to gain anywhere near as much traction as we expected, leading to UKIP leader Nigel Farage failing to be elected to Thanet South. Caroline Lucas was the only member of The Green Party to maintain a seat, winning Brighton Pavilion.

The Conservatives are looking at continuing their economy reform through £12 billion in cuts to public sector, including the NHS, social services and security. We expect to see this plan revealed to the UK public in the next few months.

David has been a technology journalist for over six years, covering a wide range of sectors. He currently researches apps, app sectors and app markets for Business of Apps, and has written for ITProPortal, RTInsights, ReadWrite, and Digital Trends.