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How the Twitterati lost the general elections

It seems as UK’s General Elections came with a plot twist so good, even Agatha Christie wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

After all the memes, vines, hashtags– aimed at mostly mocking the Conservatives, it seems as though the keyboard warriors failed where it mattered the most – the Conservative party are on course to win an overall majority in the Commons.

As Huffington Post’s Sri Sritharan writes (opens in new tab), this is a result few had anticipated even some 24 hours ago.

“That for all the memes, Vines and hashtags, the old school trounced the new school in the most digitally mobile election ever,” he writes.

“When the time came, Tory relations with wide swathes of the traditional media (i.e. print, TV, radio) lead to an old fashioned pincer movement of divide and conquer. If people weren't made to feel afraid about the economy, they were made to feel as scared by the break-up of the Union.”

Technology is all fine and dandy, but when it comes to politics – old school political activism works, and the general election was proof.

“As numbers come in for turnout across all the major battleground seats it's clear that the Conservatives and UKIP grasped this,” Sritharan says.

“The keyboard and touchscreen warriors systematically failed to translate the hidden majority into an actual one. The Twitterati, the blogosphere and others - failed.”

The power of the old school will wane, as technological hegemony will ensure diverse voices - and ideas - gain a proper platform, he adds.

“That so many chose to vote in 2015 is heartening. We all have to hope lessons are learnt for a fairer fight in the future.”

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Sead Fadilpašić is a freelance tech writer and journalist with more than 17 years experience writing technology-focussed news, blogs, whitepapers, reviews, and ebooks. And his work has featured in online media outlets from all over the world, including Al Jazeera Balkans (where he was a Multimedia Journalist), Crypto News, TechRadar Pro, and IT Pro Portal, where he has written news and features for over five years. Sead's experience also includes writing for inbound marketing, where he creates technology-based content for clients from London to Singapore. Sead is a HubSpot-certified content creator.