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Apple Watch hacked by Comex to run web browser

Are you an Apple Watch owner – or about to become one (you might well still be waiting for the thing to ship)? If so, do you fancy having a web browser on your fancy new smartwatch?

In all honesty, it’s a move that makes little practical sense, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless that famous jailbreaker Comex has managed to hack the Apple Watch’s operating system to be able to cram a browser onto that tiny display.

9 to 5 Mac spotted that Comex posted a video of the browser running on Cupertino’s smartwatch, viewing Google’s search page – although you can barely see much of the site at any one time, and scrolling around it looks very clunky indeed. In general, it also shows how small the Apple Watch screen is full-stop, with his thumb practically covering half of it…

At any rate, Comex didn’t release any details of how he managed to pull this off, but as we said before, in terms of actual usefulness this one doesn’t make much impact. It does show, however, that progress is being made in jailbreaking Apple’s latest device.

The Apple Watch is expected to help drive the success of the smartwatch market this year, and according to new estimations from IHS, over 100 million smartwatches will be sold come the year 2020 (compared to 3.6 million last year), in part thanks to Apple raising the profile of smart timepieces (and selling a fair few themselves).

Apple is expected to grab over half the smartwatch market this year, shipping 19 million units of the Apple Watch, IHS reckons.