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How to check for software updates on Android Wear

Google is maintaining a good amount of updates for Android Wear, staying in line with the regular Android operating system. We are already on 1.1, following a recent update adding WiFi support, alongside other changes to autonomise the smartwatch.


To make sure you are on the right version, here is how to check and download all software updates on Android Wear.

1. Find the Settings app on Android Wear.

2. Find About > System Updates folder.

3. Wait for Google to find a new system update.

4. Download the update if available.

Google will most likely make updates more prominent on Android Wear in the future, allowing users to automatically download, but for now this is the easiest way to find out if any new system updates are available to download.

Remember Google has specific region updates, meaning an update in the US may not reach the UK for a few months.

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