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Guild Wars 2 cheater gets stripped and executed in-game [Video]

Those who cheat at online games are the bane of the player base – and there are those who cheat a bit, and those who pull off major hacks and exploits, such as one Guild Wars 2 player by the name of "Darkside". However, ArenaNet made sure DarkSide got his (or her) comeuppance, big-style…

Apparently, so the Naked Security blog reports, this miscreant had been plaguing the MMO for weeks using exploits like teleporting, putting out massive burst damage, springing almost instantly back to life after being killed, and flying golems around according to GW2 forum posters.

The devs eventually caught up with him, of course, and mere banning was not enough in the way of justice for Darkside.

Following game admins taking over his account, they stripped Darkside’s character down to his pants, and executed him in-game – by hurling him from a great height in the middle of town. As you can see in the video above, he dies, and then is deleted (along with the player’s other character, “Rage”), all filmed on YouTube for those who were griefed by him to watch and revel in.

The player has obviously been banned from the game, too.

It’s certainly entertaining to watch, but there are some commenters on YouTube who think this is a bad idea in terms of giving griefers the infamy they crave.

FeanorBR said: “Cheaters care little about their reputation – in fact, they may thrive on their infamy. By making a cheater internet famous like this, you only encourage copycat behaviour and a race to see who else can be immortalised in the same fashion, possibly with escalating behaviour. Bad move, ArenaNet. It solves nothing and may make the problem worse.”

Darren Allan

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