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In this restaurant you MUST snap your food before eating

Restaurants are no longer a place to eat – they're a place to take photographs.

Dismiss the sessions, shut down the Internet, turn off the lights, we're done here. Let's go home, everybody, the disappointment train has arrived.

People taking pictures of their food before eating it has become such a widespread activity, that there's a restaurant in Tel Aviv that serves dishes in special plates which help visitors take better photos of their food.

Even though this seems like a piece of news that pops up on The Onion, I'm being totally honest right now.

Israel's Carmel Winery and Tel Aviv restaurant Catit have come up with a concept called Foodography, and it’s basically a series of events combining a photography workshop with a tasting menu.

Yeah, you get served some awesome food, but you can’t eat it before a teacher comes and teaches you how to properly take pictures of it. Talk about a hipster's paradise.

Foodography organisers currently have two special plates designed to better showcase the meals: The 360 and The Limbo.

The 360 has a revolving base that allows diners to capture every angle of their food, while the Limbo rises up at the rear to provide a uniform background for dishes to be photographed against.

A report from PSFK claims that each Foodography event also comes with a top photographer on hand, ready to offer guests advice about how to best capture their meals.

The events themselves cost $155 (£100) per head.