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Samsung Galaxy S6 front camera suffers from purple dot blighting photos

It seems all is not perfect with Samsung’s much praised Galaxy S6 in the camera stakes, at least for some users who are experiencing the attack of a purple pixel on their photos.

Galaxy S6 owners (and the odd one with an S6 Edge) have been posting in a Reddit thread to say that snaps taken with their front-facing camera are blighted by a small purple dot which appears in the top right-hand corner.

This is an odd one, and as Sam Mobile which spotted the story reports, the original Reddit poster said that this wasn’t a flaw their handset had originally – but something that has developed since purchase (pictures taken from several weeks ago don’t have the purple blot, it would seem).

Apparently, as the first replier to the post notes, a faulty camera sensor is the cause, but the dot only shows up in low-light pics, which is possibly why folks are saying they didn’t see it before (because those previous photos were well-lit or outdoors).

Whatever the problem, Samsung is replacing handsets plagued with the purple dot, so if you’ve noticed this issue, then get in touch with the firm.

A thread on XDA points to a possible workaround – lowering the resolution from 5 megapixels to 3.8 megapixels – but that obviously isn’t ideal in terms of picture quality, and several commenters on the Reddit thread say this didn’t make the dot go away for them anyhow.

Generally speaking, Samsung’s new flagships couldn’t have received more praise in terms of the rear camera, with DxOMark judging the Galaxy S6 Edge to have the best snapper ever seen on a smartphone.

Darren Allan

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