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There’s a fart-analyser on Kickstarter

If you think something you eat is making you extra gassy, but can't talk yourself into the food elimination process to actually find out what it is – we have some good news for you.

There's a Kickstarter (opens in new tab)campaign for a tiny wearable device called CH4 (opens in new tab). This device can be kept in the back pocket of your pants or attached to your belt, and it keeps track of how often you pass gas, and it even records how it smells (ew!)

Then, on the associated app, enter your daily food intake, and the CH4 will find out which foods make you extra gassy, so you can avoid them (or eat some more, if you’re an evil mastermind forced into a double-date with people you don’t like).

The tracker is still in a prototype stage, meaning you can’t buy one just yet. But you can back the developer on Kickstarter, and expect your device to get to you sometime around March 2016.

Opening the Kickstarter page, I can see that the project is not doing so well – at the moment this report was written, there were 18 hours left to go, with only $3,582 pledged, out of the $180,000 (£116,750) goal.

I guess people aren’t that interested in controlling their gas, or maybe they’re not into having a device strapped to their back, smelling them (and probably judging them in silence, too), while they’re going about their business.

Still, if you want to help, or are looking for a way to change your diet, maybe CH4 is the right device for you.

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